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"Look forward to visiting you every year! You rock!! Nor Cal's best kept secret!" ~ Paul & Betsy, Chico CA
f  Orange Muscat 2013 ~ $29
Eddie Graziano grows our Charbono and lovingly tends this tiny Orange Muscat vineyard right next to his home. There are fewer than 350 acres remaining in the state. Finding these rare gems and introducing them to our members and guests is a great pleasure. Vinified with carefully controlled cold fermentation and retaining a bit of residual sugar results in a frisky off-dry wine with a clean, floral finish and enough acidity to pair with spicy Asian and Indian dishes. When the tasting room closes you can find us enjoying a glass of Orange Muscat with a few lingering guests who aren’t quite ready to let go of their Pacific Star experience.
Rousanne 2012 ~ $24

Susceptibility to rot and mildew keeps this grape obscure, but its refreshing aromas of spring blossoms and herbs to balance a dry crispness and slightly higher acidity. Chowders and fish stew are perfect pairings!

Viognier 2012 ~ $24

Luscious texture and full-bodied, honeysuckle and apricot aromas abound. Ours has no oak, letting the characteristic perfume come through. Try with flavorful pastas or in place of red wine with chicken or pork.

Dad's Daily Red ~ $18

Sally’s tribute to her dad Fred, who often lamented “…nobody makes Claret anymore.  I love Claret.” He was remembering the California heritage blends of the ‘50’s and ‘60’s when individual grape varieties weren’t showcased, but married together. Since the first vintage in 1996 Dad’s has become everyone’s favorite  - old vine Carignane and Petite Sirah blended with the rare Charbono and hearty Zinfandel. Don’t let the moderate price fool you, it ages beautifully and proudly stands tall. Lift a glass and toast to your Dad.

"Dad's Daily is Heavenly." ~ Joni

  It's My Fault ~ $17

A multi-vintage blend made to commemorate the discovery of the PACIFIC STAR FAULT – geologist Dorothy Merritts announced it to the world in 2006. Running directly under the winery, it connects to the San Andreas fault system 12 miles out to sea.  Keep a bottle around for those moments when “I’m sorry” needs to be expressed in a creative way. A great inexpensive gift too! "It's My Fault Rocks" ~ Marcellus

Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 ~ $42
This wine speaks for itself – juicy, lush and bright flavors of Cab without the heavy tannins & high alcohol. Wonderful with aged cheeses, hearty dishes and just fine by itself! I’m really enjoying the surprise and pleasure I see on our taster’s faces when they try this wine.
Carignane 2012 ~ $24

Old vines produce huge crops and we rely on cooperation by our grower to drop much of the fruit to get this late-ripening grape to perfection. Called Mazuelo in the Spanish homeland, high acidity and color historically drove its’ use in blends for years. The giant head-pruned vines of Mendocino County are finally getting genuine respect. Try with highly seasoned and spicy dishes – its’ juicy brightness holds up nicely.

Charbono 2012 ~ $38

Charbono hit a low of 47 acres left in the world just 10 years ago - all the remaining vines were old and weakened by disease, making ripening difficult and propagation uneconomical. Vulnerable to rot from early rains, we thank only the most dedicated growers for Charbono’s existence. Inglenook Winery made Charbono into Gold Medalwines at the World’s Fair for years … some still drinkable 30 years later. Our flagship, this lovely relic from the past is enjoying a rebirth. Eddie Graziano grows our Charbono in Calpella, Mendocino County.

Petite Sirah 2012 ~ $42

DNA science has recently been applied to grape varieties, identifying Petite Sirah as a cross between French Syrah (Shiraz in Australia) and the obscure Pelorsin. Created in the 1880’s by Plant Biologist Dr. Durif – the grape is known as Durif in France and came to California with immigrants at the turn of the century. Susceptible to rot due to its tightly packed clusters, it is notoriously difficult to grow, dipping to 2,000 acres in the early 90’s.  Winemakers have led the come back as this is the heartiest of wines; rich, dark, chewy, fruity and tannic.

Tempranillo 2012 ~ $28

Spain’s dominant variety  (which has more vineyard acreage than any country) and famous for it’s role in the wines of the Rioja and classic Ports of Portugal. Since it prefers the highlands of Spain, the best growing areas in California need to be moderately hot with cool evenings like the foothills of El Dorado County. Our’s is 100% Tempranillo -  in its homeland it’s often blended with Grenache and Mazuelo (Carignane).

Zinfandel 2010 ~ $28
“Lover’s Lane Vineyard” is in the middle of the Ukiah Valley where cool mornings and evenings temper the hot days, preserving the fruity character of classic Zinfandel. We call this style “Italian Table Wine” – made to go with any meal - medium body with a peppery character that goes perfectly with all the foods we love.