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You may have noticed them along the side of the roads, and wondered about them. What are the numbers all about? Out here in the country, we use them as a great way to locate specific spots in rural areas.


- The number at the top is the highway number. The 01 is for HWY 1.


- The letters indicate the county. In this case, MEN for Mendocino.

- The numbers indicate the mile it marks. This one is at mile 73,

For east-west roads, mile 0 is on the west side, and numbers increase going east. So for this one it is 73.50 miles until the next county line.

- For north-south routes, mile 0 is at the southern end, and numbers increase going north.

- The numbers start new every time you cross into a new county.


- Unlike mileage markers in some other states, California markers are numbered in the same sequence going in both directions. If you looked at the marker just opposite this one on the other side of the road, it would be marked the same.

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